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Aluminum tube for heat exchanger

Chalco aluminum expertise extends across the full range of heat exchange in automotive applications. We offer solutions for heat exchangers for both engine cooling and air-conditioning systems, not only in passenger cars and motorcycles but also for commercial and off-highway vehicles. Historically, all these applications were produced using copper/brass tubes. Today, more than 95% of automotive heat exchangers are made of aluminium. Where initially this substitution was made due to rising copper prices, it quickly became obvious that aluminium also has many technical advantages. Because of its light weight, excellent corrosion resistance, and very good brazability, aluminium is now the material of choice in the automotive industry. To keep up with the drive for more fuel efficiency and the necessity to drastically decrease emissions, modern vehicle designers need to innovate on a day-to-day basis. With our expertise, we participate in these efforts by supplying welded CAC tubes equipped with internal turbulators. In radiator development, we support our customers’ initiatives in reducing the size and weight by reduced walls and innovative tube designs giving better heat transfer. Multi-chamber, dimpled tubes, and tubes with internally enhanced surfaces are our contribution to reducing CO²-levels.

Today, in many heavy vehicles, we can find more than 20 heat exchangers, most of them oil coolers. With our range of turbulators, we do not only support customers to change to lighter and more efficient tube & fin concepts, but we also give comfort and constant high service when taking over internal processes from our customers.

For the air conditioning systems, Chalco aluminum tube offers one-piece manifolds that withstand high pressures and perfectly suit modern brazing processes. Well-known international OEM-producers use our extensive knowledge and R&D capabilities to assist in new developments such as refrigeration with CO², exhaust gas recirculation, and battery cooling for hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Tube name Parameters Tube type Photos
Intercooler aluminum tube Thickness:0.45mm,
core materials:AA3003,
Brazing layer:AA4045,
Evaporator aluminum tube Thickness:0.8-1.0mm,
Brazing layer:AA4343,
Anti-corrosion layer:AA7072,
Radiator aluminum tube Thickness:0.28-0.32mm,
Brazing layer:AA4343,
Anti-corrosion layer:AA7072,
Catchment aluminum tube Thickness:1.15-1.5mm,
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