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2023-04-25 13:54:25

 How do you select suitable aluminum pipe tube according to application?

There are three types of aluminum pipe tube, seamless aluminum pipe tube, structural extruded aluminum pipe tube, cold drawn aluminum tube. While they may look the same, However they are three distinctly different products. The one you should choose depends on your application requirements.

Seamless pipe and tube
Chalco seamless pipe and tube products are extruded using two different methods:
• Die and Mandrel Press using a hollow billet
• Piercer Press using a solid billet
In either case, the metal will not separate as the product is extruded. The result is a monolithic structure with no weld seams and predictable strength throughout. As a result, seamless pipe and tube products are recommended for applications requiring:
• Critical pressure ratings
• Demanding forming applications
• Critical strength requirement
• Uniform anodizing appearance
Typical applications include:
• Pressure vessels • Compressed gas cylinders
• Hydraulic cylinders • Drive shafts
• Lighting applications • Bus conductors
Structural pipe and tube

Using either the porthole or bridge die method, Chalco structural pipe and tube products start with a solid billet, which then separates into longitudinal segments that re-weld together while passing through the extrusion die. Although not visible to the eye, multiple weld seams run down the length of the extrusion that may need to be taken into consideration for certain applications. There are no published bursting pressure ratings available for pipe and tube produced via a porthole or bridge type die and weld seam locations may be noticeable after anodizing.
Typical applications include:
• Handrails • Highway and bridge rail
• Awning supports • Fence posts
• Sign structures • Lighting applications
• Electrical conduit • Irrigation systems

Cold drawn aluminum tube:

Drawn tubing is the right choice when dimensional accuracy is critical and precision performance means the difference between product success and failure.

Typical applications include:
• Medical (wheelchairs, stretcher)
• Refrigeration, HVAC
• Automotive (HVAC, heat exchangers)
• Commercial transportation and RV
• Sporting goods (paddle handles, frames)
• Furniture, office
• Marine (handrails, ladders)
• Electrical and lighting
• Lawn & garden tools (weed trimmers)
• Military (tents)
• Distribution

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