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aluminum air pipe
2020-01-11 10:58:00

Product introduction of Aluminum air pipe
The Aluminum air pipe  adopts fluorocarbon coating (PVDF). Excellent anti-corrosion performance - thanks to excellent chemical inertness, acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals and a variety of chemical solvents, the film provides a protective barrier for the substrate; the film is tough - high surface hardness, impact resistance, buckling resistance, good wear resistance, showing excellent physical and mechanical properties. Super long weather resistance - the coating contains a large number of F-C bonds, which determines its super stability, non pulverization, non fading, service life up to 20 years.
Product size of Aluminum air pipe: from DN20 to DN200 1 / 2 "~ 8"

aluminum air pipe

Product pressure of Aluminum air pipe: ≤ 16bar
Aluminum air pipe product material: full series aluminum alloy pipe
Working temperature of Aluminum air pipe: from - 30 ℃ to 80 ℃
Applicable fluid of Aluminum air pipe: compressed air, vacuum inert gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide), etc
Features of Aluminum air pipe:
Aluminum air pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, energy saving (smooth friction coefficient bottom of inner wall), firmness, durability, portability, beauty, etc., as follows:
1) Aluminum air pipe is easy to install, fast and convenient
2) Aluminum air pipe has the characteristics of clean transportation
3) Aluminum air pipe has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency
The Use of Aluminum air pipe:
Aluminum air pipe is applicable to various industries such as mining, wood industry, sugar industry, chemical industry, power plant, cement, paper industry, ship, smelting, machinery, manufacturing and processing.

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