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Round Tapered Aluminum Poles
2019-09-02 18:10:00

    The Round Tapered Aluminum Poles is manufactured by using foreign advanced spinning equipment and using the coreless technology of the coreless core. The product is permanently rust-free; the diversified surface treatment process makes the appearance lines simple and smooth.
  The new Round Tapered Aluminum Poles makes up for the traditional rusting, simple style, rough surface, high mold opening cost and environmental protection. It is widely used in Europe and America. At present, we can not only produce regular styles, but also design and produce according to customer's specific requirements. It has a complete assembly line equipment from raw material processing, rod forming, strength treatment and surface treatment. The rod body is not welded and is integrally formed at one time.

   Round Tapered Aluminum Poles production process:
   1. Use 6063 industrial aluminum alloy equal pipe as raw material (to ensure the strength and roundness of the material when the rod is made in the later stage)
   2, using the coreless full CNC spinning technology (to ensure the roundness of the shaft)
   3, indicating polishing, hair treatment, high temperature quenching treatment, artificial failure, so that the rod reaches the T6 state. (To ensure the surface roughness of the rod body, further increase the overall strength of the aluminum alloy rod body)
   4. The surface is treated by anodizing or fluorocarbon spraying (to ensure the overall corrosion resistance of the rod).
    Round Tapered Aluminum Poles features:
1. The high quality aluminum tube does not rust. High-quality aluminum alloy construction profiles ensure the corrosion resistance of the product in the natural environment;
2. Light weight. The aluminum alloy poles adhere to the characteristics of high strength and light weight of aluminum. The same specifications of the poles, the weight of the aluminum poles is only 1/3 of the weight of the iron poles; easy to install and transport; the surface is smooth and flawless. We use high-quality aluminum tubes as raw materials, and the surface of the poles is smooth and delicate, which perfectly presents the metallic color of aluminum alloys;
 3. Round Tapered Aluminum Poles treatment process:
  1) Anodized surface treatment. After anodizing, the product forms a 20mum sealing film to ensure the corrosion resistance of the lamp pole in any natural environment, and to ensure no significant discoloration of the rod within 25 years.
(2) Polyester powder spray surface treatment. The surface of the pole can be sprayed with colored polyester powder, which has bright color, UV resistance and no fading.
 4. The rod body can be recycled and reused 100%, the melting temperature is low, and the energy saving and emission reduction responds to the national policy.
Suitable places for Round Tapered Aluminum Poles: residential areas, squares, parks, schools, commercial streets, etc.

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