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Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014
2019-10-15 16:26:00

The introduce of Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014
From the composition, it belongs to both hard and forged aluminium alloys.
Tensile Strength (> 440 MPa) and Elongation  ≥10(%)

Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014
The characteristics of Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014
Comparing with 2A50, Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014 belongs to hard aluminium alloy and forged aluminium alloy. Compared with 2A50, it has higher strength and better thermal strength, but its plasticity is not as good as 2A50 in hot state. Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014 has good machinability, good contact welding, spot welding and roll welding performance, poor arc welding and gas welding performance, and can be strengthened by heat treatment with extrusion effect.
The Chemical element of Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014
Specification for Heat Treatment Aluminium Alloy Tube 2014
1) Homogenization annealing: heating 475-490 C; holding 12-14h; furnace cooling. 2) Complete annealing: heating 350-400 C; holding time 30-120 min with different effective thickness of material; cooling with furnace to 300 C at 30-50 C/h speed, then air-cooling. 3) Rapid annealing: heating 350-460 C; holding time 30-120 min; air cooling. 4) Quenching and aging: quenching 495-505 C, water cooling; natural aging room temperature 96 h.
State: Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Extruded Bars (<22mm, H112, T6)

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