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7075 seamless aluminum tube
2021-11-09 18:08:00

7075 seamless aluminum tube are generally perforated and extruded. Because 7075 seamless aluminum tube have the characteristics of small specific gravity, easy processing, and high mechanical strength, in fact, the production process requirements of 7075 seamless aluminum tube are relatively strict and fine. of.

However, some problems should be paid attention to in the production process to produce high-quality seamless aluminum tubes.

Issues that need attention in the production of 7075 seamless aluminum tube large 7075 seamless aluminum tube are generally formed by hot extrusion, and then undergo subsequent effective treatment. The small seamless aluminum tube can be hot extruded or cold stretched, and then undergoes subsequent effective treatment.

7075 seamless aluminum tube

7075 seamless aluminum tube

The alumina hydrate produced during the production of 7075 seamless aluminum tube needs to be continuously extruded, and severe dehydration will form blisters during the extrusion process. In order to prevent blisters on the seamless aluminum tube, the round aluminum rod for extrusion must not have rolling cracks; it must not be stored in a humid environment. The content of sodium hydroxide in the cleaning solution should be about 30%. Control the aluminum ion content in the cleaning solution.

Most of the aluminum tubes on the market are produced by conventional extrusion processes, and welding lines cannot be completely avoided, especially when there are dark lines after oxidation. Extrusion production adopts short round bar, high temperature and slow extrusion process, especially the "three temperatures" should be controlled. The aluminum bar, extrusion cylinder, and die should be kept clean. The aging time and temperature are based on the thickness of the pipe wall. Just adjust the size of the pipe diameter appropriately.

The aluminum tube extruder currently in use includes an extrusion box and a cylinder. The heated aluminum rod is put into the extrusion box from the feed port. The cylinder starts to work so that the extrusion beam pushes the aluminum rod toward the extrusion die. The aluminum rod in the state has good plasticity. When the temperature of the aluminum rod decreases, the plasticity will also decrease. Under the action of a certain pressure and speed of the extrusion beam, the extrusion pad pushes the aluminum rod to produce plastic flow and extrude from the extrusion die. , So as to obtain the aluminum tube with the required cross-sectional shape and size; during the extrusion process, the aluminum rod is in a strong pressure state in the extrusion deformation zone, which can give full play to its plasticity and obtain a large amount of deformation, while the extrusion deformation can be improved The structure of metal materials improves its mechanical properties, especially for aluminum rods with extrusion effects. After quenching and aging, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of the extruded products are much higher than similar products produced by other processing methods. Press processing also has great flexibility. You can produce products with different shapes, sizes, specifications and varieties on the same equipment only by replacing the extrusion die, and the operation of replacing the extrusion die is simple, convenient, time-consuming, and efficient. However, there are still big problems in the forming of some double-layer seamless aluminum tubes.

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