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6101 aluminum bus tube
2021-12-08 17:47:00

The 6101 aluminum bus tube is one of the key equipment in the power transmission and transformation system. It plays the role of the conductor connection between the grid transmission wire and the substation transformer and the connecting conductor in the power equipment in the power station. Its reliable operation is important for the transmission and transformation. The safe operation of electrical systems and electrical equipment plays a vital role. Its span and short-circuit capacity are large, and it has the advantages of small footprint, concise structure, and clear layout.

6101 aluminum bus tube

6101 aluminum bus tube

The duralumin 6101 aluminum bus tube with high rated working voltage and low rated working current is widely used in UHV power stations, and its shape should be conducive to increasing the corona onset voltage.

The corona of AC transmission and transformation engineering equipment is a phenomenon in which the electric charge in the air around the equipment electrode moves and emits light in the electric field when the electric field strength on the surface of the equipment electrode exceeds the critical corona field strength. During the charging and debugging process of the UHV Changzhi station, the corona discharge at the end of the 6101 aluminum bus tube at the top of the high-voltage reactor will not only cause power loss, but also cause a series of electromagnetic interference such as radio interference, television interference, and audible noise interference. Environmental Pollution. If effective measures to suppress the corona are not taken, corona discharge will also bring great hidden dangers to the long-term stable operation of the high-voltage shunt reactor.

So far, there is no IEC standard or other international standards concerning the limit of power frequency electric field intensity. All international organizations and countries have formulated their own standards or regulations to limit the power frequency electric field intensity level. Based on the guidelines of the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), China has revised the design strength of the power frequency electric field of UHV substations, requiring the surface electric field strength of the substation equipment to be 1 500 V/mm in the local area.

By analyzing the corona discharge at the end of the 6101 aluminum bus tube at the top of the high-voltage reactor, the potential and electric field distribution are studied by simulation calculation, and a reasonable and feasible corona discharge is given by the method of controlling the electric field intensity of the local area. Inhibition measures ensure the smooth progress of system commissioning and the smooth commissioning of the UHV test demonstration project. 

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